Sunday Eucharistic and Daily Office Readings for November 2020

According to the Use of the Episcopal Church

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Eucharistic lectionary: A; B from 11/29
Daily Office: Year Two; Year One from 11/29

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November  2020

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Martin of Tours

Margaret of Scotland
Hugh of Lincoln

Hilda of Whitby
Elizabeth of Hungary
Edmund of East Anglia
Clement of Rome


Commemorations in italics are from A Great Cloud of Witnesses;
others are from Lesser Feasts & Fasts 2018

Commemorations in brackets are for trial use.


Omitted this year:  
11/8 [Ammonius]
11/15 [Herman of Alaska]
11/15 Francis Asbury & George Whitefield
11/22 C. S. Lewis
11/22 Cecilia
11/26 Isaac Watts


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