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PUBLIC SERVANT, 18 August 1981

Rosa Judith Cisneros Aguilar (1938-1981) was a Salvadoran lawyer. She was active in the fields of human rights and family planning until her assassination in 1981.

She was legal director of CREDHO, an Episcopal program designed to assist the rural poor through agricultural cooperatives and legal help and a lay leader in the Episcopal Diocese of El Salvador.

At the time of her death the Salvadoran Civil War was in progress. Assassinations were frequent including that of Archbishop Romero in March 1980. On the morning of 18 August 1981, Rosa Judith Cisneros was leaving her house in a northern suburb of San Salvador when a carload of men halted her and dragged her to their car. An eyewitness reportedly saw her shot at close range with a submachine gun. The men did not identify themselves, nor did any group take responsibility for the killing.

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