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Hans & Sophie Scholl, E. German stampHans and Sophie Scholl, often referred to in German as die Geschwister Scholl (the Scholl siblings), were a brother and sister who were members of the White Rose, a student group in Munich that was active in the non-violent resistance movement in Nazi Germany, especially in distributing flyers against the war and the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. In post-war Germany, Hans and Sophie Scholl are recognized as symbols of the Christian German resistance movement against the totalitarian Nazi regime. Hans and Sophie were two of six siblings whose family lived in Württemburg.

On February 18, 1943, two of the siblings, Hans and Sophie Scholl, were handing out flyers at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, when they were caught by the custodian, Jakob Schmid, who informed the Gestapo. By February 22, 1943, they had been sentenced to death by the People's Court and were executed by guillotine on the same day in the Stadelheim Prison. Their grave is in the adjacent Perlacher Forst cemetery

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